Elio Papponetti, World Formia Meeting’s president (first on the right), poses with the protagonists of the 100 metres, which wa held for the first time in history at the presence of the Supreme Pontiff: Pope John Paul II.

The Atletica Fiat Auto Formia (literally Athletics Fiat Automobiles Formia) is a sporting partnership which deals with the competitive sport and the organization of sports events. It was established around the World Formia Meeting, the first and the most important event introduced by our president Elio Papponetti, by far the soul and the heart of our organization. During its thirty-year path, our society has reached the top in the organisation and in the management of some sport realities: the activities of cross country and race walking, the competitive women team (which won 8 European Interclubs Cups and 60 Italian Campionships), the promotional initiatives turned to young people and lastly the strong relationship with the industrial world.
Nowdays our association organizes the following sport events:

  1. the "Cross del Sud";
  2. the "Coppa Speranze Fiat" at: Lanciano, Melfi, Cassino, Lecce, Pomigliano d’Arco, Termoli, Sulmona and Modena;
  3. the "Trofeo Sata", which includes a competition of road race or race walking and a special relay race 3 x 1000 (riserved to Fiat Group employees);
  4. the "Corrifiat", which is reserved to the employees of Fiat Group plants.
  5. the "European Fiat Games", which is reserved to the employees of the european Fiat Group plants.