The start of the first heat of the 26th edition of the Corrifiat, which took place in the Sevel plant of Atessa.

The “Corrifiat” (literally Running of Fiat) constitutes another fundamental event promoted by Atletica Gruppo Fiat Auto Formia. It was introduced in 1986 and it is a road race competition reserved to all the employees of the Fiat Group plants, with a distance of 10 km for men and 2,5 km for women. The “Corrifiat” is the most important sport event organized for the Fiat’s employees, with the goal to set up a meeting among people who work very far but that are part of the same family: Fiat. In this event the employees of the following Fiat plants, Fiat Group Automobiles Cassino, Sevel Atessa, Fiat G. Vico Pomigliano D’Arco, Fpt Industrial Foggia, Fiat Group Automobiles Pratola Serra, Fiat Group Automobiles Termoli, Sata Melfi, Magneti Marelli Bari, Mirafiori Torino, FPT Verrone, Ferrari, Maserati, Iveco-FPT Torino, New Holland Modena, New Holland Lecce, New Holland Jesi, Iveco Suzzara, Magneti Marelli Sulmona, Tofas Bursa (Turkey), Fiat Group Automobiles Kragujevac (Serbia) and Fiat Group Automobiles Tycky (Poland) are involved.
The edition 1995 (repeated in the 2007) was historic and exclusive, it took place in the Formula 1 circuit of Fiorano, with a Ferrari leading the race. Another edition that will always remain in the history of the competition took place in Cassino in the 2001 on the occasion of the first edition of the International Fiat Games (soccer, tennis, volleyball and athletics), with the employees who came from the Fiat’s plants of Poland, India and France.