Gennaro Paone on the left, during the award ceremony of the Cross del Sud, edition 1988.
Memorial Paone

Gennaro Paone, the founder of the “Banca Popolare di Lanciano e Sulmona”, was a great supporter of the “Cross del Sud” and of the “Coppa Speranze Gruppo Fiat”. Consequently after his death, the organizing committee has decided to remember him by the awarding of a memorial named after him. So in the following lines we would like to describe who Gennaro Paone was.

Gennaro Paone
Gennaro Paone was born in Lanciano in the 1923. He was the son of Alberto Paone, who was the fisrt mayor of Lanciano, from 1946 to 1951. He took a degree in law at the University of Bari and became a successful lawyer. The immense love that he had for his town and his great sense of solidarity were the reason why he was so closet o his fellow citizens and why he decided to found the “Banca Popolare di Lanciano e Sulmona”. At the beginning he worked as vice-president and later was appointed as president. He amministrated the bank with great dedication, making it a big and an important bank for his city and region. Infact thanks to his willingness the “Banca Popolare” joined the “Banca Agricola e Industriale di Sulmona” establishing the “Banca Popolare di Lanciano e Sulmona”, an istitution that is still a great importance in the region.