Icilio Sideri presents to Nives Curti, the winner of the women’s competition of the Cross del Sud, the trophy of the first place.
Memorial Sideri

Icilio Sideri, for a lot of years president of the “Associazione Industriali di Chieti”, was a great supporter of the “Cross del Sud” and of the “Coppa Speranze Gruppo Fiat”. Consequently after his death, the organizing committee has decided to remember him by the awarding of a memorial named after him. So in the following lines we would like to describe who Icilio Sideri was.

Icilio Sideri
Icilio Sideri was born in Lanciano on 8 February 1929. When he was nineteen-year-old he opened a garage, dedicated to repairing trucks. In a couple of yearshe expanted his plants and arrived to employ 40 workers. So, he established the “Società S. Marco srl”. In 1964 he built a new plant and reached the third place among the italian manufacturers in the metallic road barriers. During the periodo of crisis in the 70s he tried to find new opportunities in North Africa, obtaining from 1976 to 1981 an increase in the sales. After that, he decided to stop working with foreign countries and reorganized the whole society, arriving to have three plants and almost 250 employees. During his career he was a member of the “Associazione degli industriali di Chieti” (of which he was president from 1983 to 2002), advisor of the “Camera di Commercio di Chieti”, president of the “Sindacato Metalmeccanico”, member of the “Consiglio di reggenza della Banca D’Italia di Chieti”, of the “Fondazione Negri Sud” and of the “Interporto Val Pescara”.