The final finish of the 100 metres of the World Formia Meeting, which was made famous due to the presence among the spectators of Pope John Paul II.

In this part of our website we have decided to dedicate space to a range of events which literally made the history of our society, though for some reasons were put in stand-by with the hope to be presented again in the future. In this area, obviously, it could not miss space for the World Formia Meeting, milestone in the italian and world track and field for more than thirty years. In its long history 2 world records (olympic disciplines), 10 world records (no olympic disciplines) and several european and italian records were set . On the whole, more than 4000 athletes (on behalf of 91 countries) were involved.
Whatsmore, we decided to place side by side a specific section to our track and field’s team, that won in its history 8 european interclubs cups and 60 titles of italian champion (for clubs), and a specific section to the "Cross del Sud", datum point for the italian cross country activity for more than twenty-five years.